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Seeking Spiritual Advisors

Estrella is looking to find spiritual advisors to help our users along in their journey. We seek experienced and mauture individuals who have a passion for helping others to learn more about themselves and interactions with the universe. If you have an understanding of human nature, compassion, and the ability to see further than others, we'd love to talk more.
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Daily spiritual practice will allow you to uncover the truth of the universe and what purpose you have. You will start to see more, connect more, and know more once you start embracing your spirituality. Each journey is unique to remember one’s divinity. Here you can find everyday wisdom and an archive of expert guidance to aid you along your path.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding a moment of tranquility can be a challenge. Our homes, which should be sanctuaries of peace and personal growth, often become just another venue for the chaos of the outside world. However, creating a sacred space within your home can serve as a haven for reflection  … Read more

In the celestial dance of love and relationships, the influence of astrology can often be seen in the way individuals approach their romantic connections. While some may tread lightly, others dive deep into the waters of commitment with unwavering intent. Let’s explore the zodiac signs renowned for their serious take on relationships and uncover what  … Read more

Since time immemorial, the moon has been a source of wonder and mystique, casting its silvery glow across the night sky and stirring the souls of those who gaze upon it. Its ever-changing face—cycling from the slender crescent to the full orb—has not only guided farmers and sailors but has also deeply influenced spiritual practices  … Read more

Card Readings with Lady Celeste

What are tarot cards for? In order to have a better understanding of your personal orbit, tarot cards help in providing guidance on your unique journey. Through symbols, your story of love, money, career, relationships, and life path is laid out before you.

Lady Celeste can help with the meaning behind your dreams, birth charts, tarot card reading, numerology, vocational map, discovering your power animal, love calculator, and so much more.

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