A Quick Look into the Origins of Numerology

Origins of Numerology

Numerology, at its core, is the relationship of numerals in a spiritual and worldly context. While the word numerology came into existence in 1907, it has existed in practice long before in history through many recorded incidents.

Chaldean Numerology

The most ancient numerology originated in Egypt and Babolyn (current-day Iraq), where even the laws of the empire, were based on this wisdom even before 520 BC. Interestingly, this wisdom was widespread, to the point it had become common to have a second name, as one’s given name was used to read their destiny.

In fact, this numerology focused on reading energy by reading the vibrations every letter emitted. Chaldean numerology later travelled in many ways forward. One of the ways was through travelling as Persians met an Irish mystic named William John Warner, who decided to write a book on Chaldean numerology, allowing it to be recorded and spread in another language. Persians who later settled in Mesopotamia strongly influenced Tamil or what now we call Vedic numerology.

Western Numerology

However, one of the most long-lasting impacts of this knowledge is shown by Pythagoras. His passion for life and mathematics led him to Egypt to study Chaldean numerology for more than twenty years. Later on, Pythagoras through the accumulation of knowledge and innovation developed a new system which allowed him to be known as the Father of Modern Numerology.

In this system, each member of the Greek alphabet is assigned, a numerical value to do calculations. Pythagoras was famous for using these methods to predict certain upcoming events. This numerology is now developed into today, what we call Western or Modern Numerology.

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology, on the other hand, founds its origin in Hebrew mysticism, where the Hebrew alphabets were assigned their values. These values then were used to understand the divine and its connection with the physical plane that contained the self. 22 different vibrations were realized during this time.

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