Cleansing your Crystals – A Quick Guide

Cleansing your Crystals

Crystals are known for their metaphysical qualities, such as their ability to store, direct, balance and repel energy. As we work with these qualities, their energetic state changes and so time and time again, we must return them to their dormant energetic state so they can be used effectively again.

Use Them

Interestingly, in the same way, that crystals can be used to clear energy for any ritual, other larger crystals can simply cleanse your batch of used crystals. Clear Quartz and Selenite are the most well-known crystals for this clarifying process.

Ground In Soil

Crystals are a part of nature and there is no better way to ground them than by returning them to the soil. After being buried for a day, the ground will soak up the toxic or unwanted energies present.

Bathe In Air And Light

In addition to this, one can use the element of air. Air is how sound travels and one popular method for cleansing energies is through sound vibrations. Sound vibrations are great to restore the balance to your crystals in large batches of crystals as you can simultaneously clear their frequency with a five minute sound bath.

However, this is just one kind of bath. Moonlight has been used for centuries to charge crystals and clear, where they are left on the roof or windowsill at night to soak up the moonbeams. The new moon and the full moon are both great times, where the feminine energy of the moon offers a release of energy, to cleanse these gems.

Use Your Intuitive Power

In the end, one of the most powerful methods also lies at the tips of your fingers. Your body is a conductor of energy. You can meditate while holding the crystal with your dominant hand, to visualise a great encompassing white light clearing it. Trust you will know when the crystal is cleansed, by holding it intuitively.

Lady Celeste
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