Know Your Venus Sign: What It Means in Astrology

Know Your Venus Sign: What It Means in Astrology

Venus is the ever-popular planet of love. In astrology, she reigns over your attachments to people and material possessions, allowing her influence to expand to your aesthetics, intimacy, and courtship. By seeing what zodiac sign she is attached to in your natal chart, you can gain insight into these attachments.

The Way You Lead And Seek

For example, if your Venus sign is the first of the zodiacs Aries, your ability to attract a partner comes from initiating, being upfront, and being bold enough to make the first move. People in this sign will often use their spontaneity to create adventure and passion in a relationship as they seek a beloved who can bring them excitement.

To put it another way, every zodiac sign’s characteristics hold importance in the way they seek relationships. Gemini, the master communicator, in Venus seeks to love and charm with banter, witty conversation, and flirting in wordplay. In a relationship, this Venus sign will seek flexibility, variety, freedom and intellectual stimulation.

Showing And Shown Love

If your Venus is in Virgo, you might discover your love language is gifts of devotions and being highly attentive to details about your partner. This Venus sign is rumoured to sound critical when they’re simply trying to help a partner with certain aspects or cycles of themselves. To attract them, just simply appreciate the little unsaid things they constantly do for you because a lot of their care can sometimes go unnoticed.

Sometimes, a Venus sign will seek qualities that it contains itself, for example, Venus in Capricorn. This particular Venus sign tends to attract partners by being independent, goal-oriented, and practical. At the same time, it also seeks predictability by looking for someone equally realistic who plans for the long term.

However, this is only a surface understanding of Venus’s influence. To have a greater depth, one would have to look at her interactions in your natal chart as you must look beyond the first impression.

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