Reversed Tarot Cards: What do They Mean?

Reverse Tarot Cards

For many beginner tarot readers, a reversal of a card might seem like a negative sign, but the meaning of reversal is far more complex. A reversal of a tarot card can serve many purposes, starting with the possibility of strengthening or weakening the primary message of the spread. Reversals can prove clarity and add another layer of insight to any reading. There are many meanings of a reversed card.

Leaving Energy

A reversal of a tarot card could indicate that the energy of that card is leaving your life. Often readers will read the Three of Swords as intense pain and hurt, and then the Three of Swords reversed for them would indicate that the energy of heartbreak is leaving your life and you are moving towards healing.

Missing & Blocked Energy

Moreover, reversals can even show us where energy is being delayed or blocked because of a specific reason. For example, the card of temperance which on the upside indicates patience may turn up reversed, to show you that it is time to take action and your waiting has kept your desired outcome away from you. Another way this also turns up is when your desired outcome is reversed. One example is the Ten of Cups which normally signifies a happy ending will turn up reversed to show you this energy can be realised but will probably take some time to reach there.

Lady Celeste
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