The First House Of Self

The First House Of Self

The First House in an astrological birth chart is also known as the House of Self. This house rules our ego, personality, consciousness and our identity. It is ruled by the zodiac Aries and its ruler Mars.

What is important to understand is that the first house is in charge of your public identity. This means not only people’s first impression of you but your physical appearance itself. While many people generalize this to be a “mask” that you show the outer world, many astrologers find this house’s placement to be much more significant than that. They believe that it shows your soul’s chosen physical manifestation in this plane and the journey it has chosen to take.

Rising Sign

In fact, this is also called your ascendant. Your ascendant is at the cusp of this house and is the sense of self others initially perceive you to be and your connection to the world. This rules first and public impressions, as opposed to a complete understanding of self.

For example, someone with a Gemini sun who has a very talkative personality may appear mysterious and withheld due to their Scorpio ascendant. The impression they will give off to those around them will be charming and intense yet also hard to know. One can understand that this persona is the starting point of all action forward, in one’s life.

Your Early Circumstances

In addition to this, this house also rules your circumstances of birth. So, other than just showing your outer expression of self and your primal personality, it can give great insight into how you were brought into this world, for example, even the labour circumstances.

However, to fully understand the first house, you will have to see all the natal planets, the zodiac that inhibits it, including transiting planets. This will give you a greater insight into how the energy is collected in this house to be influencing or manifesting in your life.

Lady Celeste
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