Understanding a Birth Chart

Understanding a Birth Chart

Your birth natal chart is a map of where all the planets were, around the sun the exact moment you were born. It’s a snapshot of the sky at that particular moment. A birth chart can highlight your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth and help you with timing when it comes to making waves in your life, as it also relates to the current transits of the world.

Each chart is represented, as a circle with 360 degrees, with every 30 degrees divided into the 12 zodiac constellations. There are also 12 houses wedged into the chart that represent the themes of our life.

To begin reading the chart, you can focus on where different planets fall. The sign they are in will help you have an overall understanding of the self. Here is a small introduction to begin:

Sun, Moon, & Rising

The sign that most people know, is their Sun sign. It represents your vitality, self-identity and your ego. Then comes the Moon sign, which represents how you manage your inner emotional world, deepest desires and feelings.

Your Rising sign represents how others relate to you. Some astrologers often describe it, as the type of vehicle you transport yourself in, also considered your social personality.

Venus, Mercury, & Mars

Your Venus sign will show you how you deal with your relationships and values. Your Mercury sign will help you understand your style of communication. Your Mars sign will give you insight into how you deal with your sexuality, anger, and aggression and what strategies you use to get your desires met.

In addition to these signs, there is much more to explore. When looking at a chart, you must remember to focus on different planetary aspects as opposed to just single-handedly one thing, to have a better understanding. For example, your Saturn sign, the planet of long lessons, could be in the same house as your Venus indicating you are on the journey to change and transform the way you deal with relationships.

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