What Are Houses In Astrology

Houses In Astrology

Houses, in astrology, are exactly what they sound like, homes where energy is contained. These specific fields of experiences show how energy is collected and where it is being utilised, with placements of planets and the zodiac.

An easy way to understand is that the 12 Houses follow the journey of human development, starting from the First House of the Self and ending with the Twelfth House presenting the whole collective human consciousness. Here is an introduction to the first four houses:

First House

Known as the House of Self, this House is our self-identity and self-image. It embodies our voyage to discovering ourselves, early childhood, our personality, how we initiate things in life and our physical body.

Second House

This House contains your money or possessions and how you value and spend them. That includes how you value yourself, your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. That also includes your attitude towards acquiring wealth, and your potential for it, including hidden talents.

Third House

After this, we have the House of Communication. This place includes all the ways basic intellect is utilised for information in your life, your thinking patterns, and how your early education formed them. That also includes those near you at the end of this conscious communication, for example, your siblings and neighbours. This house also rules over travelling information, whether it be messages, a person on a journey themselves, visits, phone calls, gossip and even writing.

Fourth House

Next is the House of Home, or your concept of it. This house embodies not only your physical home, in terms of your childhood and current home but also the way your foundations were formed, including your parents and ancestry. Here we clarify our concept of sanctuary, domestic order and where we can seek refuge to relax.

As a rule, to properly dissect a house, you would have to next see what sign and planets fall into it. This will give insight into how the house is being influenced.

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