What is a Stellium in Astrology

Stellium in Astrology

The word “Stellium” comes from the Latin word “Stella” meaning stars which translates very wonderfully into what stelliums are, a large group of energies. A stellium in astrology occurs when three or more planets are clustered, in a single zodiac sign or a single house in an astrological birth chart.

Having a stellium allows for a heavy planetary influence in one’s life, where its energy grouped is more recognisable and felt. Another way to understand how stelliums work in your chart is to imagine a group of people working on the same team in a workplace.

The Team Must Work Together

Moreover, these people on the same team could be very different, in terms of their personalities, approaches to work and planning but will still have to find a way to work together. This can also be seen in stelliums in the same house, for example, Saturn would work in an orderly traditional way, while Jupiter may focus on expanding while Uranus will take direct, abrupt innovative decisions. The personalities of the planets can sometimes create a wonderful flow that supports each otherwise they can lead to tension and conflict.

The Most Influential House Is The Largest One

Stelliums in a particular house can then be understood as the largest team in the workplace or the biggest team with the highest concentration of energy in the room. For example, if you have a stellium in your third house, the focus for you would be the themes of this house. In this case, this means communication will play a big role in your life and is a priority.

Same Sign Same Mind

In fact, having a stellium in the same sign can show how the same tendencies and beliefs that you hold on to affect your life overall. Then, by consciously recognising these large concentrated clusters of energies, can you only choose to balance them out.

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