Best Full Moon Rituals for Manifestation

The Full Moon is a great time to hold space for your manifestations, as the moon is at its peak energy. To use this cumulative energy to your advantage when it comes to setting your intentions, here are rituals you can try:

Hold Space on Your Altar

One way to manifest during the full moon is to collect inspirational objects and crystals on your altar. These can be related to things you want, or embody the energy you are seeking. Burn a candle while keeping your intentions in mind and take your time to visualize what you want. To make it easier you can even focus on the objects.

Moonbeam Magic

If you want to enjoy the moon and its light, a rooftop ritual is a perfect idea. Find a roof where you can meditate. Here you can absorb the moonbeams while you draw awareness to your body through slow breaths. During this ritual, you can visualize the energy from the full moon unifying your soul, body, and mind as you settle into the intention of taking action towards your manifestations in the future.

Self Love

Another unique way to manifest what you want is to do a self-love ritual. This can mean different things for everyone, such as taking a day off to rest, pampering yourself with a nice bath, or even spending time with your loved ones. This ritual allows for your manifestation to speed up, as by embodying the spirit of love and care for yourself, you tell the universe to direct more energy towards you.

Collective Manifestation

This ritual is perfect if you have a group of people you trust to work with. You can collectively manifest with them by holding a full moon circle, where you all hold space for your intentions. In this circle, past energy is released by talking about what is holding us back and new energy through collectively sharing what we want in our future.

Lady Celeste
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