Cleansing Your Tarot Deck

Cleansing Your Tarot Deck

Tarot decks are known to collect and accumulate energy almost like dust after every reading. So it is no surprise that this gathered stagnant energy needs to be cleared out whether it be from the old readings or another person. In recent times, it has become popularly known to cleanse your tarot deck with crystals but there are far more ways to do so.

The Good Old Shuffle

The most primary and reliable way to clear old energies from the deck is to shuffle the cards like you normally do, before each reading. However, to be extra thorough, you can chaotically mix the cards in the middle of shuffling them. You can keep this practice up until you feel like the energy of the cards has changed.

Visualize The Purge

Another way is to hold the deck in your hands and visualise old energy from the deck falling away, onto the ground while new fresh energy replaces it. Treat it as a meditation and take your time till you intuitively feel the tarot deck being cleared.

All Elements Of The Earth

In addition to this, you can use elements of the earth around you. You can leave your tarot deck in a bowl of salt for half a day. This will ground the old energies and purify your deck for you. A lot of tarot readers also use smudging, where smoke is used to cleanse the tarot deck, where even the type of the herb they burn is chosen in mind with a certain intention to enhance the cleansing.

You can leave your deck out at night in the moonlight or even fan it in front of the sun, during the day to use the element of light. Since there are many elements of the earth, you can pick one closer to your practice.

After this, you can set a good intention for the tarot and finally start a new reading.

Lady Celeste
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