Clearing The Throat Chakra

Clearing The Throat Chakra

The Vidshudda Chakra, also known as the throat chakra, is located at the centre of our larynx. Since it rules our literal voice, it is to be expected that when this energy centre is imbalanced, one has trouble expressing themselves. This breakdown of communication can lead to feeling isolated, misunderstood, and lonely.

There are many ways to rectify and bring your throat chakra back into balance:

Soothing Yourself With Blue

When healing this chakra, it is recommended to visualize a cool soothing blue-coloured energy during meditation. This is because the colour blue is associated with the throat chakra. It means even blue or turquoise crystals can help realign this energy centre. For example for this purpose crystals, like lapis lazuli, aquamarine, blue apatite, blue kyanite or even amazonite can be worked with or worn.

Some people even start to surround themselves with shades of blue in terms of clothes or makeup to harness the energy better. Even eating blue foods like blueberries will help you.

Yoga & Stretching

Many yoga poses can be held while listening to relaxing music to release the blockages in your system. The poses that stretch and bend the neck to stimulate healing are Matsyasan the fish pose, Bhujangasana the baby cobra pose and Ustrasana the camel pose.

You can also exercise your throat by chanting, singing, repeating affirmations or massaging your throat. The mantra for this chakra is “ham”, pronounced with a broad “a”.

Practice Speaking Your Truth

In the end, listening to your inner self and slowly practicing to speak authentically over time will also help realign your throat chakra to its natural energy levels. Healthy and truthful communication starts with first being honest to yourself and then to other people.
Being vocal about your needs and wants, even in terms of just journaling will help as well as writing a letter to a loved one or talking to them.

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