Getting in Touch with Your Spiritual Side

Spiritual Side

Spirituality is vast, as are the ways to seek it. To get in touch with our spiritual side is to connect with one’s spirit. The word spiritual comes from the existence of the Latin term “ spīritus ” which refers to “breath”. This is the hint to our journey to be spiritual. How do we breathe ourselves into the life we are given?

When we centre our practices around breathing, we can make room for the spirit. To put it simply, to connect with our spiritual side, we must acknowledge our spirit. Start with breathing slow and meditating.

Messages Of The Body

When we meditate, we allow ourselves to be aware of our bodies and live in the present. We open ourselves to the messages of our bodies. This allows us to understand how we play into the greater narrative of the universe as we learn to slow down enough to see the messages around us.

We acknowledge the body, essentially the vessel for our spirit. It gives us room to connect with our surroundings and ourselves as we learn to value our journey by making room to nourish the vessel that perceives it.

Balance Everything

The acknowledgement of the inner and outer world brings forth an important lesson of spirituality, which is balance. We must feed our spirit but also our body. We must also feed our minds and not just our spirits. We must grow in all directions. This balancing act allows us to understand how the universe is also built with balance.

No One Way

In fact, in the same way, that everything holds a unique purpose in the universe, so do you. Remember there is no single way forward. You could find it through connection with others, in nature or even through a workshop. Your spirit will always be waiting for you to connect and that is a connection you will not ever lose. Trust yourself to know what was always a part of you.

Lady Celeste
Lady Celeste found her way to spirituality, by simply connecting the dots life gave her. After being heavily invested in psychology, the unknown psyche and the subconscious, she found herself exploring dreamwork, tarot, and shadow work in spirituality. She now is working on archiving the metaphysical, with what is discovered by science and has always been known by spiritualists to pave the way for others on the same journey.
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