Starting As “The Fool” In Tarot

Starting As The Fool In Tarot

The Fool Card is the first card in Major Arcana Deck but is associated with the number zero. This is because 0 is associated with the infinite beginnings we take in our life cycles. The card depicts a young man looking hopeful, standing on a cliff ready to embark on a new adventure. The man’s relationship with the cliff brings out the meaning of the card.

The Cliff Of Adventure

It is important to note that the young man is near the edge of the cliff and the few steps forward could lead him to fall down. The man is looking upwards almost trustingly at the universe but is not looking ahead, which means he is optimistically looking upward but not really seeing what is lying forward in his journey ahead. In this card, the cliff represents the edge of a start of an adventure, while also symbolism the uncertain challenges and the unknown on the forward ahead. These are all characteristics one needs to embody to go on a new journey to seek the truth.

This figure represents the characteristics of the main character that is on his cliff of adventure. The adventurer holds naivety, innocence and slight foolishness. This is an idealism that will support the new beginning. The figure has a small knapsack, a white rose depicted as innocent and a dog that is depicted to represent loyalty to face all the challenges ahead.

Straight Ahead

In addition to this, the card asks you to acknowledge your ability to seize the opportunity, grow vitality and begin whatever you wanted to start. This card indicates a new start will come for you.

At the same time, the card also questions your commitment to projects, and your ability to stick with one thing and asks you to follow your spontaneity to lead you to the right place. It tells you to access your courage and drive to explore to lead you through the cycle of life.

Lady Celeste
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