Syncing With The Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, or the sex chakra, is the second chakra in the seven chakra systems. This chakra is associated with the colour orange and is located three inches below the navel. It is connected to the element of the water as it represents the fluidity of our passion, creativity and sensuality.

Our Emotional Body

Overall, this chakra represents our emotional body, including the expressions of our desires. A healthy sacral chakra will allow you to have a harmonious nurturing relationship with the world around you by encouraging you to seek your pleasure. This chakra allows you to stay flexible, fun and stau in your sense of freedom when you are seeking things out for yourself. Since it holds the key to our emotions, it also holds the power in how we seek our desires.

Creative Strategy For Our Senses

Once we can balance out this chakra, we will readily be able to hone our emotions in our relationships to get our needs met. This chakra is in charge of your passion, level of self-indulgence and willingness to be creative to have your needs met. This chakra serves as a balancing guide to express and seek our desires and sensuality in a manner that is healthy for us, as opposed to being consumed by our wants.

Most importantly, the Svadhisthana is in charge of your ovaries and genitals which means it can control your ability to create. This ability to create includes the chance to have the life you want, the intimate relationships you want and even passion projects. Physically it also governs the kidneys other than the sex organs.

Flooring The Flood

An imbalance in your sacral chakra can show sexual dysfunction, feeling uninspired, lack of motivation, detachment from desires, denying yourself pleasure and even urinary issues. This imbalance can be countered by, spending time by water bodies and learning to embody self-pleasure practices in your life.

Lady Celeste
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