Crystals For Manifesting Abundance

Crystals For Manifesting Abundance

Crystals and gemstones have been a great way to manifest your desires in life, whether it be love, wealth or simply abundance. To manifest abundance is not to attract one kind of material wealth that is tangible like money but all kinds of wealth in terms of health, support and moments of joy. Here are a few crystals to keep in mind when we want to bring such manifestations into our life:


This metallic silver, pale yellow or brass gemstone is also known as the Fool’s gold because it was mistaken for gold by many who discovered it. This crystal links to your solar plexus chakra, connecting you to your personal power and confidence in manifesting and going after your desires.

Pyrite is known to hold powerful energies of attraction that will bring forth whatever you wish you bring abundantly into your life. People often keep a small piece of pyrite while speaking their desires out loud during the day as a ritual for manifesting whatever abundance they want in their life.


This warm yellow to red crystal is known for its unique property of transmuting negative energy than simply absorbing it. It is associated with the sun and also connects to one’s solar plexus chakra. Citrine attracts financial prosperity, positivity, and abundance, even in Feng Shui. It helps you connect to your self-worth, connect you to what you want and have you believe that you deserve.

Green Aventurine

Next, we have Green Aventurine, which in Feng Shui is known to have the energy of wood, which is essentially about growth, allowing it to be the crystal of new opportunities. Also known as the Gambler’s stone, this crystal brings good fortune by increasing your abundance of luck and is often used in competitions to increase your chances of winning. This crystal attracts new beginnings in your life, so you can be on your way to having your desires.

Lady Celeste
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