Crystals For Protection

Crystals For Protection

Since ancient times, crystals have been used in talismans and amulets for protection. Due to the gemstone’s ability to absorb and transmute energy, it holds power to also protect the wearer from getting too drained or soaking up negative energy.

In fact, when a crystal breaks, you should know it has done its best job to protect you. To enhance their abilities to grant protection, crystals were carved with faces of deities or spiritual words to further their power. Often crystals will also be faceted and shaped in particular ways to centre and direct their energy.

Here are some crystals that can be worn or kept in your surroundings to offer you protection:

Black Tourmaline

This robust and reliable crystal holds the ability to ground the energy around you, cleanse it and completely repel bad energy. It blocks out psychic attacks sent your way, offering an energetic barrier against any evil eye, entity or force thrown your way. It is crucial in many cleansing and purification rituals and is often carried around to protect its wearer. It offers a bubble of protection and absorbs any darker energies that may be taking a toll on you.


Jet, also called “black amber”, is a type of lignite, a variety of coal formed by natural processes. This earth stone offers the ability to keep you grounded and keep your aura cleared. It also creates a bubble to keep the wearer from being affected by bad energy being directed their way.


This jet black crystal is naturally occurring glass formed after lava rapidly cools down from a volcano eruption. It is connected to the root chakra, so it offers grounding, to stay clear during a highly turbulent time. Obsidian’s black colour allows it to absorb all negative energy around it like a sponge and ward off the consequence of any harmful energy. Due to its high absorption capacity, it needs to be cleansed often for effective use.

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