Crystals For Releasing Energy

Crystals For Releasing Energy

Crystals are great containers for energy and have the ability to transmute the vibrations around them as well. They possess the ability, to clarify the energy around them, allowing them to be great conductors of releasing emotions or habits and energy. Here are a few ways crystals are excellent for clearing work:


This is a crystal that connects to the throat chakra and can help in encouraging your self-expression. The understanding and energy it brings forward into your communication allow you to be confident about how you manage life. This can increase your confidence and help you release your fears, anxiety , and past energy. This blue stone will give you clarity and refine your skill to help you let go of old patterns of expression that do not have your best life in mind.

Apache Tears

Next is a crystal from the family of obsidian that is connected to the root chakra. This crystal is great for healing grief,  as it allows you to process the emotions that help you let go of people and the past that no longer will serve you. This ability of apache tears to heal grief comes from a famous story of the First Nation’s tribe. This crystal brings up the negative energy already present, so it can exile it.

Rose Quartz

Then is one of the most popular stones for unconditional love and healing. This crystal allows you to look at yourself in compassion as it works to enhance your heart chakra. This compassion itself, allows you to hold space for yourself for acceptance, which is needed to heal and work through to let go of things. Once you’re able to accept your mistakes and look at yourself with love, it’ll be easier to let go of things that hurt you as there will be less shame and self-blame being a barrier to moving forward.

Lady Celeste
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