The 7th House Of Partnership

7th House Of Partnership

The Seventh House in an astrological birth chart is also known as the House of Partnership. This house rules our long-term, committed life-changing relationships, for example, our marriage or business partnerships. It is no surprise then that it is ruled by the zodiac Libra and its ruler Venus, as both are associated with relationships.

What is important to understand is that the Seventh House is in charge of how you move from your own self to the outer world in context to another.

The Long-Term Dynamic

In fact, this context includes all the ways partnerships can represent themselves. This can be in the form of deals, negotiations, contracts and agreements whether it be a divorce or even a treaty. These dynamics are included in all kinds of relationships, with the second requirement being that it is a long-term dynamic.

This is the reason the House of Partnerships can also include friends, soulmates, and even enemies as they are certain long-term relationships that restrict us. It does not necessarily mean romantic or sexual partners, as it can even include business partners. In some cases, this house also rules the relationship of the public with celebrities because it is a relationship dynamic that again is influential long term.

Patterns of Connection

Overall, this house reveals to us the reasons and ways we unite with people. It brings forward the influence of such partnerships and how they enrich our lives. These relationships, negotiations and contracts allow us to fit into the larger society, making us consider our existence to be larger than ourselves.

However, to fully understand the Seventh House’s energy in your dynamics, you will have to see all the natal planets that occupy it. This can give you insight and will help you reveal the long-term patterns of your relationships in your life and how they influence you. It will lead to a greater perspective and lesson on where to be more careful and discerning.

Lady Celeste
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