The Fertile Empress In Tarot

The Fertile Empress In Tarot

The Empress card is the third card in Major Arcana Deck and is associated with the themes of femininity, motherhood, and abundance. The symbology on the card depicts the archetype of Mother Earth in her nurturing energy.

Connection Between Nurturing & Creating

This card depicts a woman sitting on a throne. Her robe has pomegranates to represent fertility, while the lush forest and river around her represent the abundance that is the result of her fertile nature as Mother Earth. The cushion she is seated on has the sign of the planet of venus on it, which represents her ability to attract and hold love, harmony, and luxury. Her crown has stars on it, showing her connection to the divine.

This card serves as a reminder to embody your nurturing nature and mother yourself in terms of kindness and tenderness. This can mean mothering your inner child or holding space for more feminine and softer parts of your personality. The Empress is an archetype of Mother Earth who not only holds matronly power due to her status of motherhood but also possesses the ability to birth new ideas and realities.

Fertility Is An Opportunity

This card can also serve as an indicator of pregnancy or indicate a period of high fertility, where one has to be careful if they don’t want to conceive.  This fertility can also signify the abundance of creativity that you will be receiving and can utilise to benefit your life. It is a good time to trust your intuition to make investments.

In addition, this card asks you to connect with your nature of sensuality and connect with nature itself, to embody this spirit of knowing you are abundant and fertile. Learn to listen to your body and what it can do for you. The Empress urges us to connect with our spirit of fertility to attract the best opportunities and blessings into our life.

Lady Celeste
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