The House Of Play & Pleasure in Astrology

The House Of Play & Pleasure in Astrology

The Fifth House in an astrological birth chart is also known as the House of Pleasure. This house rules our creativity, recreation, pleasure, offspring and self-expression. It is governed by the zodiac Leo and the sun.

What is essential to understand is that the fifth house is in charge of your ability to create a life that should be pleasurable for you. This means it includes your ability and belief to harness your passion for creating a fulfilling life that is deserving of you.

The Inner Child’s Play

In fact, this house holds your inner child. It contains the stories of your youth, explorations of yourself and your impulsive implications. It includes details related to music, dance, theatre, and art that we seek to explore when we are learning to express ourselves. This means it also contains the recreational activities we do to motivate ourselves in our routine, such as different hobbies, for example, sports.

This house holds the energy of play itself. Play is an excellent tool in our lives to seek pleasure, learn, enjoy and create. The house will focus on the creations of this play which include the birth of your first child. It will bring insight into the different ways you can release yourself to have fun, including what games you might like.

Casual, Risky & Quick

Other than this, it should be no surprise that it also rules your spontaneous or risky entertainment, such as adventures such as gambling and risky endeavours. The fifth house will show you what you desire and how you move towards the fulfilment of this desire. In romance, this then becomes casual dating and sex.

However, to fully understand the energy of the fifth house, you will have to see all the natal planets, and including transiting planets within it, to take advantage of how this pleasure can be further manifested in your life.

Lady Celeste
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