Healing The Heart Chakra

Healing The Heart Chakra

The Anahata Chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is located at the centre of our chest. Since it rules our ability for compassion, love, forgiveness and emotional compacity, it is to be expected that when this energy centre is imbalanced, one has emotional blockages. These can look like feelings of unworthiness, lack of trust in oneself or others, or inability to give and receive love.

There are many ways to rectify and bring your heart chakra back into balance:

Use Your Crystals

When healing this chakra, green and pink crystals can help realign this energy centre. For example for this purpose crystals, like rose quartz, emerald, green jade, green aventurine, rhodonite and kunzite are perfect for daily wear or to work with.

Yoga, Breathing & Nature

This chakra is connected to the element of air, so deep breathing helps in aligning especially. The element of the air itself also represents space, while the colour green is associated with the chakra pointing us towards spending time in nature.

Many yoga poses can be held with breathwork and even affirmations to heal the heart charka. The poses that stretch and open the chest to stimulate healing are Dhanurasana the bow pose, Anuvittasana the back bend pose and Ustrasana the camel pose. You can also add a mantra for this chakra which is “yam”.

Take Time To Love Yourself

In the end, being able to give and receive love is ultimately affected by how we love ourselves. Taking time to see, listen, and accept yourself, will help you realign your balance with love. It is encouraged to spend time doing things that bring you joy.

Loving yourself unconditionally first will allow you space to feel deserving of love and care while also teaching you to value what you have to offer others emotionally. Keeping a gratitude journal can also help you stay connected to parts of yourself and others.

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