Healing Your Inner Child Rituals

Inner Child

The inner child theory came from the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung who proposed an archetype of a child that represented the themes of memories, innocence, curiosity and imagination. This archetype holds our unconscious which has all the values and beliefs formed by our past childhood experiences.

This inner child archetype holds the key to many core beliefs one can hold about themselves, such as questions about their worthiness, value and what to expect from the world. If the inner child becomes wounded, then so do the values that then inform the way we operate in the world. For these rituals, you will need to carve out some time in your life, where you will not be disturbed. The materials you will require will be your intention, courage, some silence and privacy.

Be Real & Feel

The first step to connecting to your inner child is to let them out. This can be done by remembering or exploring who they are. Do something that you have always wanted to do, but weren’t allowed before. Allow yourself to be silly, emotional or playful. Allow yourself the grace and space to be yourself with compassion. Do not judge the child but accept them as they are.

Love & Hold Your Body

The next ritual is to always hold space for them. This can be done by physically responding to your emotions and needs. In physical actions this can look like praising, verbally encouraging, hugging yourself, patting your head or curling around a pillow for reassurance is needed. Allowing yourself to be affectionate physically with your own body will help the inner child feel safe, grounded and loved.

Write A Letter

Write a letter of all the things you wish you could have told yourself or someone else told you when you were younger, whether it be words of encouragement, praise, or acceptance. Write to the child you wish you had grown into or write to the child that needed to hear from you the most.

Lady Celeste
Lady Celeste found her way to spirituality, by simply connecting the dots life gave her. After being heavily invested in psychology, the unknown psyche and the subconscious, she found herself exploring dreamwork, tarot, and shadow work in spirituality. She now is working on archiving the metaphysical, with what is discovered by science and has always been known by spiritualists to pave the way for others on the same journey.
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