Using Astrology To Improve Your Dating Life

Astrology Dating

Synastry is the art and science of relationships. In astrology, this is about understanding the space between two people’s birth charts to see how the planets and houses manifest in terms of energy to impact that relationship. This can lead to a better understanding of both people in that relationship, whether it be romantic, platonic or familial.

Start Small & Basic

When it comes to romance, many astrologers explore synastry through the interplay between two birth charts and also draw up an individual composite chart, that focuses on the chart of the relationship itself and how it will progress.

To start, look at the compatibility of your big three such as your rising, sun and moon. To look into love style and sex, work out the details of your Venus and Mars compatibility. A partner with a Capricorn Moon will be more suited to a Taurus Moon, than one with a Pisces Moon due to the different way water and earth sign process their emotions.

Aspects & Details Are Your Best Friend

However, synastry is more complex than this. Even if there were two people with the same Venus sign, great compatibility of loving styles could also come with the disadvantage of being too alike and not being able to balance the energy out. A behaviour dynamic in ourselves that we do not understand may lay dormant in us before someone’s energy brings it out. All differences are not bad and this is why it is important to go into detail when trying to learn about a new person in our life.

A place to start looking at is any aspect with Saturn, as this detail is what binds the relationship together and may turn up as karma. Someone with your North Node aspects in their major placements will bring powerful life lessons and transformation to you.

Remember the focus on all aspects of the planets and houses to see where they interplay. The five main aspects to look out for are conjunction, trine, opposition, sextile, and square.

Lady Celeste
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