Virgo: Your Advice For Dating This September

Virgo Love

With the end of the summer days slowly transitioning into fall, this month is important for you. Not only is it only your birth month and season where you’ll be at the forefront of energy but the sky will be laying some aspects for you to create in your life.

Slow Will Help You Know

This will come through slowness in the same way, seeds grow slowly. Due to the retrograde, you will be eye to eye with things that may need to be readjusted or need alignment to set your way on a true romance. Be patient and keep an open mind!

Venus will enter Virgo on September 4th which is a great day to reevaluate what you want from yourself and others. September 9th will lead to Mercury going backwards in Libra, the sign of dual partnerships which is your time to self-reflect. This is a time for you to look back to last year’s fall as themes of love from this repeating transit might repeat. This may bring conclusions and resolutions as on September 10th a Full Moon in Pisces will allow certain past personal commitments to be resolved.

A Drive Forward To Better

Venus and Mars will clash on September 16, where things in your love life may speed up, have healthy tension and may even bring repressed frustrations to the surface. With Mars squaring Venus this may increase your sex drive. Remember to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel of your communication and mind, if you are already in a partnership.

September 22nd onwards is a time for celebration and surrounding yourself with things and experiences you love. Bringing more love into your world will also attract the right kind of partner for you. At the end of the month with a New Moon in Libra on the 25th, this will be your moment to move into a new beginning and leave behind any relationship dynamic that no longer suits you because you are seeking better and what you truly want.

Lady Celeste
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