Can Astrology Sniff Out A Cheater?

Astrology Cheater

Cheating is a conscious decision made by an individual, despite what is written in a person’s chart. However, that does not mean the stars can’t give us more insight if we are suspicious. If your instinct is pinging reasonably, astrology can help you gain insight if it is time to look further into what your spouse or partner may be up to.

The Myth From The Practical

Some aspects are rumoured to have more chances of infidelity than others such as Venus in Pisces or the eight house but a more reliable approach is to look at the transits of your partner’s chart.

Many publicly identifiable cases have the commonality of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto having aspects in the Sun, Mars and Venus of the cheater. If your partner is acting suspicious during these times, it might be a good time to keep a more careful eye.

The Big Three

First of all, with Neptune the chances of dishonest behaviour increase. Neptune brings with it a sense of disenchantment and illusion leading to a person wanting to escape which they do by wreaking havoc on their own life. They try to achieve an impossible goal or have an unrealistic need met.

During these transits, people can make choices through the dreamy illusion of having a connection that serves their fantasy instead of working on their behaviour in the relationship to change it for the better. This kind of affair holds more weight than just sex, where your partner will be fulfilling their emotional needs elsewhere.

Next is Uranus, which offers affairs that are quick, and unpredictable and lead to immediate freedom for example cheating can lead to an immediate break-up. However, since Uranus also offers freedom otherwise, this transit can also hold value in an ethical non-monogamous lifestyle instead of indicating cheating. Lastly, we have Pluto where a partner will be breaking the bounds of the relationship to have their taboo desires met, which would be unacceptable within the boundaries of the relationship.

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