The Late Queen Was a Taurus & Here is What You Should Know

The longest reigning female monarch, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th, 2022. She was 96 years old and had spent more than 70 years on the throne. Being a Taurus Sun, she was a resourceful person which also extended her decisions to gain resources for the empire securing it’s future.

The Reliable Beloved Ruler

She ruled far and long, through her age to make sure the countries under her were well resourced, becoming a reliable and loyal figure for her subjects. Her Capricorn rising, on the other hand, allowed her to appear serious, intelligent and mostly reserved with moments in between where her personality shines through but what is even more noticeable was her Midheaven. Queen Elizabeth II shared her legacy with the original Queen Elizabeth I, with both being Scorpio midheaven.

The Ruler Of The Underworld

A Scorpio midheaven allows her life to have aspects of both ruling planets of war and death, which seems fitting as her position as the second longest monarch of the British Empire. This Scorpio midheaven is a clear indicator of her involvement with underworld matters, such as sex and death. In real life, this can be seen in her activity as a ruler, and the decisions that she has made that later came to the public eye.

This midheaven also indicated her extreme power in controlling people’s lives and resources as it also reigns her house of family, honour and legacy. She started an operation called Operation Legacy, which was a secret British Colonial Office program that ran till the 1970s. This operation sought to erase British colonial historical documents that had proof of racial and religious bias, along unethical practices of the empire. This secured the empire’s reputation and saved it the reparation cost that it could be made to pay with proof of such atrocities in recent times, as the process for them would be clearer.

Lady Celeste
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