True Crime–Written In the Stars

True Crime

During the lockdown in the previous years, astrology has become even more widely popular, allowing people to conduct more research and observation into their interests. True crime documentaries and serial killer podcasts are always on the rise and there have been recent developments, as people have been putting two and two together. Where does astrology come into the mix?

Famous & Known To Be The Worst

Lauren Elaine, a TikToker from Los Angeles recently made a case of the world’s most notorious serial killers sharing the same mutable sun signs of Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, or Sagittarius. In the video, she points out that from each element there is one sign more likely to be a serial killer.

Not surprising for most people, Gemini is often already connected with the stereotype of being two-faced such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Virgo being critical and detail-oriented enough to keep a crime scene clean. People also expect Pisces with its toxic dreamy attachment style to things build up to the point of emotional volatility. Ted Bundy shows the danger of Saggitarius’s charming nature. Surprising for most, Scorpio was not on this list as the sign’s shadow side is associated with manipulation, violence and jealousy, all a recipe for a murderer.

Number Of Kills Tell The True Story

However, this is the list of the most famous serial killers which means the list was only of high-profile murders that are gathered based on being more prolific in terms of cruelty and monstrousness.

In another study conducted of 485 serial murderers, that was just based on numbers and not on the prolific nature of the serial killers Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius were shown to be the most common sun signs. Yet, if we were to try to gauge danger levels through the number of murders, Capricorn has killed the largest number of kills, with the most average per year even killing in groups.


Lady Celeste
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