We’ll Survive These Retrogrades

Retrograde Planet

With six planets in retrograde earlier these weeks, the astrology world has been acting like the end is near. This is because so many planets moving backwards and falling into review time, and people feel pressurised and confused as to what to focus on first. With unhelpful patterns and foundations breaking everywhere, stress levels were high but now the sky is easing out to the better part of growth. Here is how:

No More Excuses

Mercury has finally moved out of retrograde at the start of this month. Earlier with it moving backwards through the sign of justice and balance, Libra brought a lot of headlines around the world centred around women’s rights in the outer sphere while at the same time bringing up relationship-related problems. While many people like to blame mercury retrograde for most things, it will be great to see them have no excuse now to go back to their exes.

Toxicity Is Out & Evolution Is In

On October 8, Pluto will also exist in its yearly retrograde that has been there since April 25. This planet of transformation and destruction will go direct just before an Aries full moon bringing with it realisations of toxic patterns, our own dark nature, and the cost of keeping peace in all this time. Pluto has always taught us that change is inevitable and the more we hold on the more painful it becomes. Once it moves direct, we’ll be able to move on to better pasture more easily. It’s the dark that brings out the light.

Luck Is Still Lucky When Late

Jupiter on the other hand will conclude its retrograde on November 23, 2022. This planet of expansion of luck, even when moving backwards brings us gracious and good energy. It asks us to examine our spirituality and philosophies while opening doors to any false starts we had earlier. This can bring unexpected opportunities that we may have overlooked earlier.

Lady Celeste
Lady Celeste found her way to spirituality, by simply connecting the dots life gave her. After being heavily invested in psychology, the unknown psyche and the subconscious, she found herself exploring dreamwork, tarot, and shadow work in spirituality. She now is working on archiving the metaphysical, with what is discovered by science and has always been known by spiritualists to pave the way for others on the same journey.
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