Which Signs Are Scorpio Most Compatible With

With us being amid Scorpio season let us look at the compatibility of this ferocious sign with others. Scorpio is notorious for their obsessive love, with the need to jokingly also claim their souls.

The Depth Explorers

One of the fascinating features of Scorpios is their ability to appear calm on the outside, while their inner world is intensely emotional. Notorious for being discreet and mysterious, it makes sense they are ruled by the planet of Pluto: the planet of the underworld, death and rebirth.

Fellow water signs that would be the best match are Pisces and Cancer who wouldn’t get intimidated by the depths of emotional intensity that Scorpio holds and won’t mind putting forward their soul in the relationship too with their great watery emotional intelligence.

Three Tick Marks

For secondary-level compatibility, we have the earth signs. As a fixed sign, Scorpio needs certainty of routine for stability. This can be greatly appreciated by the earth signs for whom this stable groundedness is the same emotional language that they are already seeking.

With Taurus being its opposite sign, Scorpio gets this kind of a great love-hate dynamic, due to both signs wanting to run the show. Taurus is bossy and very assertive while at the same time Scorpio rules over control and power. It would be like two mafia bosses dating. On the other hand, all this power play is great when it comes to sexual compatibility where Taurus’s need for sensuality is the only thing that can match Scorpio’s ravenous appetite as a lover.

The Mismatch

Leos and Aquarians are the least compatible with Scorpio. Where Scorpio is discreet, Leo and Aquarians are loudly expressive. With two different communication styles, Scorpio’s behaviour might seem more manipulative under the eye of these two zodiac signs. Air signs on the other hand, are also not a good idea due to their flighty nature in comparison to Scorpio’s intense devotion which needs reciprocation.

Lady Celeste
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