Biggest and Most Frustrating Problems as a Spiritual Advisor

We’ve spoken to hundreds of advisors, and they all say…
  1. I can't use my real name or share my social media, so it's hard to make people trust me and keep coming back.
  2. I can't sell extra things like courses or workshops, so I miss out on opportunities and helping clients more.
  3. The platform takes a big part of my earnings, so even though I work hard, I don’t make as much money.
  4. I only get clients by staying active on the platform 24/7. If I go offline, my profile gets hidden.
  5. The tools for managing clients are not good, causing missed appointments and extra work that takes time away from helping people.
  6. I'm scared to give honest readings because of the fear of bad reviews, which hurts my business.
  7. There aren't many chances to meet and get support from other advisors, which makes me feel alone and stops us from growing together.
  8. Platforms that are hard to use and don’t have good technical support make sessions stressful or sometimes disrupt them.
Benefits of Joining Us:
We’re making a platform designed to help psychics build and grow their business.

Our new profile ranking system isn’t just about reviews. It considers jobs completed, revenue earned, repeat customers, and more. This ensures a fair way for advisors to attract new clients. 🌠

Unlock the potential to start your own store! Sell eBooks, courses, and other spiritual products directly through our platform. 📚✨

We believe in rewarding hard work. That's why we only take 20% of your earnings, and as you grow, that percentage decreases so you earn even more! 💰🌿

Connect with potential clients through live video chats. Set up action cards for specific services like zodiac readings or dream interpretations, making it easy for clients to engage with you. 🎥🔮